I continue to press the Government for action to support those who are self employed, many of whom have been living on fresh air during the pandemic.

Many have good track records with HMRC but still fall into the gaps in support. The Government needs to understand the cost to the Exchequer as well as the impact on people’s lives.

I will continue to make the case.

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All students are due to return to school in the coming weeks. I’m clear that getting children back to school safely and a having plan in place for any Covid-related disruption must be the Government's top priority.


A number of constituents contacted me expressing concerns about how schools can re-open safely. I have now received this response from the Department for Education. I welcome the £650 million catch-up premium for schools and the £350 million National Tutoring Programme that will target support for the most disadvantaged pupils.


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A number of constituents contacted me calling for the Government to set up a food standards commission ahead of post-Brexit trade talks. I wrote to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and received this response from the Minister for the Department.

I’m pleased the Government has agreed, in principle, to a food standards commission. I will continue pressing the Government to keep its commitment to high food standards in any post-Brexit trade deal.

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At today’s statement on the Windrush Lessons Learned review, I challenged the Home Secretary to remove the barriers for citizenship for young people who've been in the UK since childhood.

They are passionate about the country that is their home. 

I’ll keep pressing the Government to learn the lessons from the Windrush scandal.

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A number of constituents contacted me to raise their concerns about Israel's plans to annex parts of the West Bank. I wrote to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and received this response from the Minister for the Middle East and North Africa.


I am pleased to see that the Government has condemned these actions. I believe the best way to end this conflict would be a two state solution. 

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