I’ve been clear that I oppose this Government’s decision to cut the UK aid budget from 0.7 to 0.5 per cent of GDP. This only saves approximately £4 billion but will have a significant impact in supporting people in need across the world, especially during a global pandemic.


I wrote to the Chancellor and urged him to reconsider this decision.


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Many constituents have contacted me to raise their concerns about the danger posed to hen harriers and other birds of prey as a result of wildlife crime. 


I wrote to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and received this response. Please open the pdf attachment at the bottom of this post to click on the links and see the response in full.


I will continue pressing the Government to take this issue seriously.  

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During the summer, I received hundreds of emails from constituents who raised their concerns about the lack of diversity in our national curriculum. I share these concerns and wrote to the Secretary of State for Education. You can see his response above.

I am clear that it is vital our curriculum reflects the rich diversity and history of our country. The contribution of people from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities must be celebrated in schools. I am also clear that we have a responsibility to teach the truth about our colonial past.

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I continue to press the Government for action to support those who are self employed, many of whom have been living on fresh air during the pandemic.

Many have good track records with HMRC but still fall into the gaps in support. The Government needs to understand the cost to the Exchequer as well as the impact on people’s lives.

I will continue to make the case.

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