At the Liaison Committee on the 27 May, I challenged the Prime Minister over the Dominic Cummings scandal and his double standards for lockdown. The Liaison Committee is the committee comprised of the chairs of all House of Commons select committees. See my original question to the Prime Minister, and his response, here

The Prime Minister confirmed he had personally seen evidence verifying Dominic Cummings’ account and that there were a number of false allegations. But, he refused to publish the evidence or to ask the most senior civil servant, the Cabinet Secretary, to conduct an independent investigation. 

After further witness reports emerged in August I wrote to the Prime Minister to ask him, again, to publish the evidence proving Dominic Cummings’ account of events. See above for the Government’s response to my letter.

As you can see, the Government has now confirmed that the evidence “is not held in permanent form,” despite the Prime Minister telling the Liaison Committee the he had seen it. I will remain on the case.