‘Take 5’

5 Places to Volunteer

Welcome to my new regular feature where I outline my own ‘top 5 suggestions’ for events, activities, and opportunities in Hackney South & Shoreditch. This week: ‘5 Places to Volunteer’.

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See the new round-up of my week in Hackney and Parliament. This week more important Brexit votes, the escalating costs of Brexit, and a school visit from Queensbridge Primary School.

Read my article on ‘The Costs of Brexit’ here.

Read the PAC report on Brexit and the UK Border here.

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Medical professionals across Hackney provide top quality care, from the Homerton Hospital to GP surgeries and the East London Mental Health Trust.

The NHS Parliamentary Awards recognise NHS frontline staff for their continued hard work.

I invite individuals and local health and care organisations to contact my office with suggestions of teams or individuals for me to nominate so the hard work of Hackney health care professionals can be recognised.

I can submit one nomination per category. The nominations close on Friday 26 April 2019.

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Once again Parliament is faced with important votes on Brexit this week. And once again strong opinion on both sides is drowning the facts. 

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See the new round-up of my week in Hackney and Parliament. This week knife crime & police funding, a new Public Accounts Committee report on the Windrush Scandal, and International Women's Day.

Read the PAC report on the Windrush Scandal here

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On International Women’s Day, I am reflecting on the political pioneers that pushed for greater female representation in Parliament. There’s still a long way to go but Rachel Reeves’ new book is a timely reminder of these strong women that helped pave the way.

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This week on my weekly round-up: more action on London Overground services skipping stops in Hackney, the Public Accounts Committee’s latest report on the 2018 railways fiasco, and this week’s education debate.

If you’ve also been affected by London Overground skipping Hackney stops, please let me know by clicking here.

Read the full PAC report on ‘Rail Management and Timetabling’ here.

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It is not good enough that London Overground services are still missing Hackney stops. I have already received a commitment from the Deputy Mayor for Transport, Heidi Alexander, that TfL will investigate this matter and apply pressure to the train operator (ARL) to prevent continued disruption and inconvenience. However today I’ve written to the Freedom of Information (FOI) team at TfL to find out exactly how often Hackney commuters miss out.

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See the new round-up of my week in Hackney and Parliament. This week Gascoyne & Morningside community youth club visit Parliament, an update on the political events of this week, and the upcoming votes on Brexit. 

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