I'm proud to support the Alzheimer's Society campaign for urgent action to fix our social care system. 

By 2021, one million people will be living with alzheimers. It is vital they can access the care they need and deserve without facing eye-watering costs.

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The Supreme Court's decision last week meant Parliament could return to important business, like the Domestic Violence Bill which passed its Second Reading this week.

MPs also grilled the Prime Minister on his supposed new Brexit deal. I continue to be concerned about its impact on the Good Friday Agreement and Northern Ireland. Boris Johnson is playing a dangerous game and I still can't see any way through other than letting the people have the final say on any Brexit deal. 

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Parliament did not stop the PM from negotiating, it simply took off the table an economically ruinous no deal exit. 

See me challenge the PM to concentrate on getting back to the real job at hand: Brexit.


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The Prime Minister might be trying to avoid parliamentary scrutiny but the Public Accounts Committee is still working hard to hold this Government’s feet to the fire.

Read our report on the Help to Buy scheme by clicking here.

Read our report on the Government’s handling of the English Language Tests scandal here.

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This week Parliament forced the publication of the Yellowhammer documents, which showed the Government’s expectations for a No Deal Brexit. It proved that ‘Project Fear’ is, in fact, ‘Project Reality’. 

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This week Parliament exposed our charlatan Tory Prime Minister. 

MPs, led by Jeremy Corbyn, put country before party to stop a ruinous No Deal Brexit at the end of October. See me discuss the tumultuous week in my new weekly round-up.

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We’re living through a climate emergency.

We need to reach a net zero carbon economy as soon as possible.

I’m proud that Labour-run Hackney Council is leading the way. They’re fast greening their fleet of vehicles, sourcing 100% of their energy from renewable sources by 2020, and working with residents to promote green initiatives. The solar panels and green energy co-op set up by residents in Banister House, where I filmed my video, are an excellent example.

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Hackney has a housing crisis. 

I see the impact of overcrowding, insecure private tenancies, and unaffordable house prices at every advice surgery I hold. 

We urgently need a Labour Government to build properly affordable social-rented homes, and stand-up for private renters’ rights.

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