The Government must act to tackle the barriers in the immigration system that are preventing those fleeing the Taliban from being reunited with their loved ones. 

The immigration and asylum system needs a greater degree of flexibility to keep up with the rapid deterioration of Afghanistan. Currently the Home Office is still expecting those seeking entry into the UK from Afghanistan to have passed an English Language Test. This inflexibility is potentially impacting the safety of those in need of asylum. 

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A number of constituents wrote to me regarding Israel's treatment of Palestinians. 


I wrote to the Government and have recently received a response from the Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, James Cleverly MP, on this issue.


Click the pdf link below to read the response in full.

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I pressed the Government over the large volume of plastic waste exported from the UK. See below for the response I received from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Click the link to read the response in full. 


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I've prepared a Thank You NHS video to applaud the hard work of our health and care workers during this pandemic.

Though restrictions have been fully lifted, it's important we still play our part in stopping the spread of COVID. If you haven't yet had your vaccine, please book now.

You can book your vaccine appointment here.

And find out more about the jab from Hackney Council here.

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The Northern Ireland Protocol sets out Northern Ireland’s post-Brexit relationship with both the EU and Great Britain. Under the Protocol, Northern Ireland must follow the EU’s rules for bringing goods in and out of the EU while Great Britain sets its own customs and regulatory rules. 


As a result of these changes, new checks and controls are necessary for goods coming from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. 


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In September 2019, the Government announced a review on support for children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The publication of this review has now been delayed for a third time.

I pressed the most senior civil servant at the Department for Education on when families and schools can expect to see the review published. As you can see, the permanent secretary was unable to give me a clear publication date.

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I’m concerned that parts of Hackney still face issues with slow broadband speeds. I have been working with Openreach and urging it to address this.

In some cases, there are barriers to installing full fibre as a few private building owners are refusing to grant wayleaves (the formal agreement between freeholders and their fibre providers) or are charging high fees for them. I have been pushing for better broadband for Leabank Square residents for some time and I’m pleased that Openreach have now installed full fibre in this area. I will be visiting the site with Openreach soon.

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