On 2 December the Home Office scheduled a departure flight to Jamaica.

Before the flight’s departure, I wrote to the Home Secretary on this issue and have now received the below response. Please open the pdf attachment at the bottom of this post to see the response in full.

As I flagged in my response to those who wrote to me on this issue, I am concerned that people who have only known our country as their home are being deported. Too many constituents don’t have the protection of citizenship because their families could not afford to apply when they were children. The cost of the route to settlement has rocketed in recent years and is out of reach for many people. I will continue challenging the Government on this issue.
This response from the Government does not address my question that asked how many of those on the deportation flight to Jamaica arrived in the UK as small children. I have written to the Home Secretary, again, to press for an answer. As soon as I receive a response I will contact everyone who contacted me on this issue.

Please email meg.hillier.mp@parliament.uk if you have not written to me on this issue but would like to receive updates.