On the 17 December the Secretary of State for Education annouced funding for children with special educational needs and disabilities. 

This is a big concern to parents in Hackney. I am asking Hackney Council to let me know what impact this will have in Hackney.

Please click here to see the Secretary of States statement. 

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I asked the Economic Secretary to the Treasury about the Sale of Public Assets and whether they offer value for money.

The Public Accounts Committee, which I Chair, has been challenging the Governments selling of assets that could be of benefit to the public in the long term.

See my questions and the answers here.

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November marked the centenary of women first standing in Parliament. I was the 275th female MP to be elected to Parliament in 2005.

The 209 Women in Parliament exhibition, currently on display in Portcullis House until February, showcases portraits of the 209 female MPs currently elected into Parliament. My photograph was taken by local Hackney Photographer Rut Blees Luxemburg at a bus stop in Hoxton.

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The House of Commons and the House of Lords have both appointed members to a joint Committee to scrutinise the Draft Parliamentary Buildings (Restoration and Renewal) Bill. I am one of the 12 members of the Committee.

A major refurbishment of the Palace of Westminster is needed to protect and preserve the heritage of the Palace and to ensure it can continue to serve as home to the UK Parliament and provide a better service to the public.  The Bill provides the oversight to the Restoration and Renewal Programme and the Committee has been appointed to scrutinise it.

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Over 40,000 Hackney residents are EU nationals.

I am concerned that following Brexit, the Home Office will not be able to manage the number of immigration applications from EU citizens, given that it is already overwhelmed.

I recently asked a question in question time to the Department for Exiting the European Union.  

See the Minister’s response here.

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I recently hosted an event with Afruca, a charity set up to tackle the exploitation of children particularly from the African diaspora. This event focused on tackling modern slavery and human trafficking in Europe. We heard about progress to tackle modern slavery in Malta, India, Ghana and Nigeria. Afruca also used this event to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Nigerian Anti-Trafficking Agency (NAPTIP). It is important that in Hackney we play a role in raising awareness of the issue of modern slavery. 

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Last week I highlighted the Department for Transport lack of grip on the cost and delivery of decent rail infrastructure in this country, following a series of failures including cancellations of electrifications, HS2 costs and the delay of Crossrail.

The knock on effect of delays and failures affect my constituents and people up and down the country

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Cuts to policing are hitting Hackney hard. I recently challenged the Minister for Police about the ineffective funding formula for policing. The Home Office fails to systematically assess the financial sustainability of policing in England. Government needs to get a grip and understand the impact cuts to funding are having locally.

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Last week I asked the Prime Minister what her message was to parents whose children’s schools were cutting short the school week due to funding pressures.

Schools within Hackney and across the country are facing no other option but to reduce schooling hours due to a lack of financial resources. This is not acceptable and the Government needs to ensure that this does not become the norm.


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