On the 14th February the Permanent Secretary at the Department for Transport told the Public Accounts Committee that the first letter they received from the Irish company backing Seaborne Ferries was in January. The next day Chris Grayling said in response to my question that it was Christmas. They both can’t be right! 


Another example of the whole Seaborne Ferries mess and how Theresa May is pushing us to the brink. We’re not ready for Brexit let alone crashing out without a deal. 

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I have voted against Brexit repeatedly – including not voting to trigger Article 50 in the first place.
On 15 January I voted against the Prime Minister’s withdrawal agreement along with 431 other MPs. She then returned to the House of Commons on 29 January.

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As Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, I recently heard evidence of how it is local authorities who are still dealing with the housing issues created by this government’s handling of the Windrush scandal. This is not good enough. 

See the full Urgent Question session here.


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I recently signed an open letter to the Chancellor in support of the ONE Campaign for Real Aid.

The campaign is calling on the UK Government to guarantee that all UK aid is transparent, effective and targeted at ending extreme poverty.

You can read the letter to the Chancellor here.

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I signed and voted for Yvette Cooper MP’s amendment to the Finance Bill, making it harder for Government to allow a No Deal Brexit without Parliament having a say.

I am clear that a No Deal Brexit would be a disaster for our economy. As Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, I have repeatedly raised concerns about No Deal.

On 8 January, the Government was defeated by seven votes.

This amendment makes Parliament’s opposition to a No Deal Brexit clear and provides legislative safeguards to prevent a No Deal Brexit.

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The Government repeatedly claims that employment rates have risen and more people are in employment than ever before. But too many of these jobs are low paid, with limited prospects.

Many employers of low paid workers do not provide training, so their workers are trapped in low income work.

I asked the Minister for Employment about plans to help people who work in more than one low income job get support to secure training and development.  

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On Monday 7 January the Government launched the NHS Long Term Plan.

The Public Accounts Committee has repeatedly inquired into the sustainability of the NHS and made recommendations to the Government about the creation of a sustainable long term plan for the NHS.

I will continue to challenge the Government on this and monitor whether the Government measures up to its promises.

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The Department for Transport has recently spent £13.8 million on a contract with a ferry company, that has no ferries.

I have repeatedly raised concerns that the Department for Transport is not prepared for Brexit.

I’m concerned about the legality of this contract and I am interrogating further.

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During the recent Liaison Committee hearing I questioned the Prime Minister on austerity and the economic impact of Brexit.

The Prime Minister claims austerity is coming to an end. However, all evidence suggests that the UK will be economically worse off after Brexit.

You can read the full transcript from the hearing here.


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