Busy week in Hackney, Westminster, and Brighton for the Labour Party conference.

At conference, I met with We Belong - a group of Londoners brought into this country as young children and now facing eye-watering fees to gain British citizenship. They are campaigning for shorter and more affordable routes to citizenship. Hear their story here. This is a serious issue and I've been working with We Belong for some time to press the Government. See here to watch a debate I secured on this issue.
I met with housing associations at a roundtable organised by the National Housing Federation. We discussed cladding and the need for better government support for leaseholders facing crippling costs to fix dangerous cladding and other fire safety works. I also raised the poor performance of some housing associations when it comes to maintenance and repair work. I'll continue pressing on this issue locally.
And Labour leader Keir Starmer made a powerful speech on what a Labour government could achieve in power. This includes guaranteed access to mental health treatment in less than a month, a national mission for greener homes, more affordable homes, and investment in our young people. A transcript is available here and watch the full speech here. This vision stands in sharp contrast to the current government and its inability to get a grip of the ongoing energy crisis.