As Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, I've repeatedly raised concerns over Ministry of Defence spending. See our most recent report by clicking here.

Today I again challenged the Government over its plans for yet another defence review.

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My week began on Monday with moving testimony from a Holocaust survivor at Holocaust Memorial Day. It was a timely reminder that we must stand up to anti-Semitism wherever we see it.

This week I also challenged the Prime Minister over the GP shortages crisis and the health minister over delays in the breast cancer screening programme.

I was also confirmed as the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee. I’m looking forward to taking up the reins again and challenging the Government over how it spends your money.

See me discuss this and more in my new weekly round-up.

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I know in Hackney, patients are waiting weeks for a GP appointment. GP shortages are at a crisis point. 

See me challenge the Prime Minister on what he is doing to bring down waiting times now. 

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This week:

- The Withdrawal Agreement Bill passed through Parliament and became law

- The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government agreed to meet with me in February to discuss unsafe cladding in Hackney

 - I put my hat in the ring to be Chair of the Public Accounts Committee


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I will be voting against the Queen's Speech because:

❌ It doesn’t act with the urgency the climate emergency demands]

❌ It lowers food safety standards

❌ It fails to properly fund the NHS

See me discuss this and more in my new weekly round-up.

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The bedroom tax policy does not work.

On one estate, the Wenlock Barn estate in Hoxton, 74 families are hit by this policy and they do not have an option to move to a different property.

If the Prime Minister was serious about his desire to be a one nation Conservative, it is a policy that he should abolish right now.

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Today I voted against the Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which:

❌Weakens workers’ rights, consumer and environmental protections
❌ Scraps legal protections for refugee children
❌ Paves the way for a no deal Brexit.

This is what the Tories can do when they have a big majority.

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Thank you Hackney South and Shoreditch for re-electing me.

Now, more than ever, Hackney needs a strong Labour voice to stand up for:

  • Those in poor-quality housing
  • Our under-funded schools and public services
  • Stopping a No Deal Brexit for Hackney businesses
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