I challenged the Government about why it is dragging its feet on leasehold reform. Leasehold is a feudal system that sees some residents face punitive charges they have little to no control over. I've been meeting with residents who desperately want to see their properties become commonhold. I'll keep pressing the Government to move on with this. We need leasehold reform now.
The Public Accounts Committee published its report on education catch-up. It will take a staggering ten years for the gap in attainment between disadvantaged and advantaged pupils to shrink back to where it was before the pandemic. This long delay is unacceptable and is condemning a whole cohort of young people. Schools and teachers are doing their best but the Government is making things more difficult by withdrawing funding from the National Tutoring Programme and expecting schools to absorb this into their already stretched budgets. There is a gulf in understanding between the reality on the ground in schools and what the Government thinks is happening. See here to read our report in full and here for a summary.

And I was pleased to join the Hackney and City of London Walking and Cycling conference. It was a great opportunity to hear about best practice for active travel in the UK and around the world. It was also timely as the Public Accounts Committee will be looking at active travel in the coming weeks. If you would like to submit evidence to this inquiry, you can until the 5 July - see here for further details.