I questioned the Schools Minister on the removal of asbestos from schools (see here). It is vital that we remove this poison from our schools. The Minister hinted that asbestos is now taken into account when schools bid for capital funding. I’ve followed up on my question with a letter and pressed him to clarify.

The Public Accounts Committee questioned senior officials on the Government's support for innovation for net zero. There is a £4.2bn pot of money to support innovation and research until 2025. It is crucial that this money is spent well, not just because it is taxpayers' money, but because we only have one planet - there is no planet B. We need to make sure this is delivering new technologies as quickly as possible to support our transition to net zero. See here to watch the hearing in full. 

And I spoke in a debate on hospices this week, raising a challenging issue faced by St Joseph's Hospice, Hackney. The nurses' national pay rise means that it needs to find an extra half a million pounds a year. The Government must clarify where it expects hospices to secure that funding from. See here for my intervention.