Cuts to policing are hitting Hackney hard. I recently challenged the Minister for Police about the ineffective funding formula for policing. The Home Office fails to systematically assess the financial sustainability of policing in England. Government needs to get a grip and understand the impact cuts to funding are having locally.

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Many residents have contacted me to express their concern over the changes to bus routes in Hackney. I have raised these issues directly with TfL and they have asked me to provide more information on when, and in which direction, delays have occurred so they can investigate these incidents.

If you’ve had a bad experience with the number 30 bus since the withdrawal of the 277 bus route, or any other bus route, then please contact my office via or using the ‘Contact’ tab on this website.

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Hackney hosts one of the most vibrant and emerging technology hubs in London. However, many businesses and households that rely heavily on broadband connections are still facing below- average broadband speed.

Last week I urged the Government to ensure that more will be done to deliver superfast broadband in Hackney.

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Last week I asked the Prime Minister what her message was to parents whose children’s schools were cutting short the school week due to funding pressures.

Schools within Hackney and across the country are facing no other option but to reduce schooling hours due to a lack of financial resources. This is not acceptable and the Government needs to ensure that this does not become the norm.


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The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee has launched an inquiry on leasehold reform.

This is an issue that is currently affecting a number of my constituents, so I am pleased to hear that the Committee has taken up these concerns.

If you have been affected, or have an interest in this issue, you can make a written submission via the following link.

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I recently received an email from a former work experience student, who spent time in my office in October 2017. She informed me that her experience increased her confidence and encouraged her to embrace new opportunities. She shared the fantastic news that she has been selected to represent London at the International Congress of Youth Voices in San Francisco this summer.   

It’s wonderful to see Hackney being represented by young and talented individuals, and I look forward to hearing of her future success in the coming years.

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Meg's analysis of the issues to watch across Whitehall from her perspective as Chair of the Public Accounts Committee.

Chair’s foreword

This Parliamentary Session:

  • The Committee has held 66 inquiries
  • Published 49 reports
  • Government agreed with 171 of 187 recommendations.


Welcome to my annual report.

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I join with my colleague Sue Hayman, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, when she says of the recent River Lea industrial oil spill: ‘We must try and stop this happening ever again’. 

I have written to the Environment Agency (EA), urging that action be taken to contain such waste spills into the river, and for longer term planning to make sure better provision is in place to tackle such crises.

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As Chair of the Public Accounts Committee I have been conducting an investigation into the collapse of Carillion and I recently told Parliament: The system is broken.

There are not enough suppliers bidding for contracts across whole swathes of Government, and the system is skewed against smaller, specialist businesses that get work only as part of a longer supply chain.

At each stage, margins are squeezed, and too often we see poor service, sharp practice and an unnecessary cost to taxpayers.

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I am very concerned for some of my poorest constituents who are eligible for £140 off their energy bills through the Warm Home Discount but not receiving it, because of a legal restriction – you only get it if your energy supplier has more than 250,000 customers.

I have joined with other MPs across the main political parties in asking the Government to look again at making it possible for all such vulnerable consumers to receive the same guaranteed support, irrespective of who happens to supply their energy – as recommended by Citizens Advice.

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