The Prime Minister might be trying to avoid parliamentary scrutiny but the Public Accounts Committee is still working hard to hold this Government’s feet to the fire.

Read our report on the Help to Buy scheme by clicking here.

Read our report on the Government’s handling of the English Language Tests scandal here.

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This week Parliament forced the publication of the Yellowhammer documents, which showed the Government’s expectations for a No Deal Brexit. It proved that ‘Project Fear’ is, in fact, ‘Project Reality’. 

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This week Parliament exposed our charlatan Tory Prime Minister. 

MPs, led by Jeremy Corbyn, put country before party to stop a ruinous No Deal Brexit at the end of October. See me discuss the tumultuous week in my new weekly round-up.

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After years of austerity, the magic money tree has appeared for Boris Johnson’s reckless megaphone diplomacy with Brussels.

This is money that should be spent on health, education, housing – on the issues that affect us in our day-to-day lives.

See me discuss this in my new weekly round-up below.

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After winning the support of 0.13% of the country, Boris Johnson is our new prime minister and already he’s wasted no time in resurrecting the Brexit fantasy of 2016.

It is worrying that an economically and socially ruinous No Deal Brexit has now become a mainstream position in the Conservative Party. I will continue working with colleagues across Parliament to make sure this destructive outcome is taken off the table as soon as possible.

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This week I arranged an emergency meeting with Lord Agnew, the Minister with responsibility for free schools, to help resolve the current crisis with Hackney New School. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the situation and holding the Department for Education to account to make sure no current pupils miss out.

See me discuss this as well as the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) new report on Crossrail and my Hackney nomination for the All-Party Corporate Responsibility Group’s 2019 Responsible Business Champions award, in my new weekly round-up.

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This week the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) looked at the Home Office’s response to fraud in English Language Tests for visas. Whilst it's right there was a clampdown, the Home Office also wrongly accused thousands of innocent people of fraud – some of whom have since been deported whilst others have had to spend thousands of pounds to clear their name.

See me discuss this as well as the PAC hearing on Overseas Development Assistance spending, a visit to Cardinal Pole school, and the worrying developments at Hackney New School, in my new weekly round-up. 

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Like many, this week I was gripped by the semi-finals of the football and though it’s a shame the Lionesses didn’t make it through, it’s fantastic that women’s football is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

See me discuss this + a PAC hearing on NHS penalty charge notices + tomorrow’s Pride celebrations in my new weekly round-up.

Read the transcript of the PAC hearing here.

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This weekend, in memory of Jo Cox, I will join Hackney for the ‘Great Get Together’ to celebrate all the wonderful things we have in common rather than what divides us.

See me discuss this, the Conservative PM contest, and the PAC report on Network Rail’s sale of railway arches.

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