The Prime Minister and Chancellor have both been fined by the police for partying during lockdown. It beggars belief that when we were unable to visit dying relatives or even spend Christmas with our loved ones there were boozy parties going on in the heart of Government. The Prime Minister has failed to own up to his own involvement in these events, preferring to deflect responsibility to others.
It is clear now that both the Prime Minister and Chancellor have broken the law and are unfit to lead the country. The Prime Minister should resign and, if not, his backbenchers should do the right thing and remove him.
The Public Accounts Committee published a report on the private rented sector. Hackney is at the sharp edge of rising rents and overcrowding in private accommodation. Rents are already unaffordable for too many families who call Hackney home. And if there is a problem with private accommodation, renters are forced to navigate a complex and costly system for redress. There needs to be a step change in the Government’s approach to private renters. It needs to snap out of its complacency and address the housing crisis in Hackney and across the country. Ending Section 21 evictions is a necessary step to improve home security – particularly for the many families with children who now call the private rented sector home. See here to read the report and see here to read a summary.
And I was pleased to visit a number of organisations in Hackney this week, including the Pedro Club – a youth and boxing club run by the former British Super-Middleweight Champion, James Cook. I helped put them in touch with a local tech business that is kindly donating its IT equipment to the club. We also discussed their plans for the future and how they’re going to continue supporting young people in Hackney. See my round-up for further details.