COVID-19 cases are rising at a concerning rate, including in Hackney.
Hackney is one of the top London boroughs for COVID-19 infection levels, so please remain vigilant against the virus. Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly, wear a fabric face covering, and keep your distance. See here for the latest COVID-19 data for Hackney and London, and see here for the latest Government guidance.
Also this week the Public Accounts Committee held a hearing on the Government’s preparedness for Brexit, see here for a recording of the session.
And I spoke out on the issue of No Recourse to Public Funds, which is a visa restriction that prevents migrants from accessing the majority of benefits or public funding (such as housing benefit). This is despite being given permission to live and work in the UK. I have repeatedly raised this issue with the Home Secretary and I will continue to be on the case. Click here to watch my speech in full.