The scenes from the US and the outrageously racially divisive approach of Donald Trump are very distressing. I'm backing Dawn Butler MP's call to end the export of riot gear to the US.

And in the UK the sense of anger and frustration is immense. When you are stopped and searched regularly because of the colour of your skin, the pain lasts. We cannot be complacent about the need for change here too. Already we know black, Asian, and minority ethnic individuals are more at risk of dying from COVID-19. But they are also disproportionately fined and arrested for supposed breaches of lockdown rules. We need to see change now. 

George Floyd’s death must mark a turning point. We all have a responsibility to act.

This week we also saw more MPs return to Westminster. We had farcical queues to vote and many MPs were disenfranchised due to health concerns. The Government can't even manage a safe return to Westminster and yet it is also telling business and schools to reopen without proper guidance.

I continue to challenge the Government over the chaos of the lifting of lockdown restrictions.