This week I challenged the Prime Minister on his double standards for lockdown at the Liaison Committee. This is the select committee made up of the heads of the other House of Commons select committees. You can see clips of my questions here and here.   

I received hundreds of emails from Hackney residents detailing the difficult sacrifices they made for the common good during lockdown. I am clear that there cannot be one rule for Dominic Cummings and another for the British people. It’s eroding trust at a time when it is most vital with the roll-out of the new test, track, and trace system. 

I’m pleased that the Government has listened to the case we made and selected Hackney to lead and share best practise on a localised version of the system. Returning to some kind of normality is important but this will only happen if everything is done safely – an effective test, track, and trace system is vital for this. 

See me discuss this and more in my new weekly round-up above.