The Government pushed through its Illegal Migration Bill in the House of Commons, despite myself and Labour colleagues voting against it. The Bill will now go to the Lords and, due to the Government's majority, is likely to become law. The legislation criminalises people who cross the Channel in small boats, risking their lives to cross one of the world's busiest shipping lanes. This approach is wrong, inhumane, and it simply won't work. We need a much better solution. 


The Public Accounts Committee held a hearing with senior officials from the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, about water supply, sewage in rivers, and air quality. I am very concerned about air quality. Every year there are 4000 premature deaths in London due to invisible particulates in the air. We need a better national communications message about the dangers of poor air and more action from the Government. 


I was pleased to visit the Crown and Manor club in Hoxton, which has been going since 1939. The club supports young men and boys by providing a range of activities. The club leader, Frank Shillingford, and his team do an amazing job – especially in picking up the real challenges that arose as we moved out of lockdown. The young people of Hoxton are an inspiration, and it was great to be there in person.