Too many young Londoners are priced out of citizenship because of the high cost of fees. Currently a young person applying for citizenship must complete five separate costly applications. A single ‘leave to remain’ application costs £2593. This must be renewed every 30 months for ten years.

I led a debate on this to press the Government to act. You can watch the full debate here or read the transcript here. I've been supported with my work on this by We Belong - a group of young migrants campaigning for shorter and more affordable routes to citizenship. Hear their story here.

I also challenged the Prime Minister at the Liaison Committee. This is the committee made up of the House of Commons select committee Chairs. I pressed the Prime Minister on the £37 billion that has been allocated to Test and Trace and whether he considers this value for money. See me question the Prime Minister here and read the transcript here.

The Public Accounts Committee has also been busy this week with an evidence session on the financial sustainability of the BBC and a second session on the impact of COVID-19 on education. See my round-up for further details and see here to read a transcript of the session on the BBC and here to watch the evidence session on COVID-19's impact on education. 

The majority of strict COVID-19 restrictions remain in place this weekend. See here for further details and see here for the latest COVID-19 data in Hackney.