This week the Government announced a new set of COVID-19 restrictions.

It is clear that a significant factor behind the introduction of these new restrictions is that the Government has lost control of testing. If you can’t test, you can’t trace. If you can’t trace, you can’t isolate. If you don’t isolate, you lose control of the virus. I'll continue pressing the Government to get a grip over the testing fiasco. See here to read the Government’s latest COVID-19 guidance.

The Public Accounts Committee published a report this week highlighting the gaps in the nursing and social care workforce. There are still 40,000 nursing vacancies and social care has a ten per cent vacancy rate. One-third of nurses are looking to potentially leave their profession in the next year so the Government really needs to step up and show that it values our nurses, social care workers, and other healthcare workers. Click here to read the report in full.