The Public Accounts Committee published a report this week calling out the Government for not considering, in its pandemic preparation exercises, that a pandemic would also have an economic impact. A competent government does not run a country on the hoof and it explains the many gaps in support in the Government's economic packages. I’ll continue standing up for the forgotten freelancers and self-employed. The Public Accounts Committee has called on the Government to write back by the 1 September with its plan for what it will do if there is a second spike. See here for a copy of the report. 

The Public Accounts Committee also held a hearing on NHS nursing vacancies (around 40,000 in England presently), see here for a transcript of the hearing.

This week I challenged the Home Secretary during her parliamentary update on the Windrush Lessons Learned review. I called on her to remove the barriers for citizenship for young people who've been in the UK since childhood. See here for a video of my question.