See my weekly round up for my take on the Government’s testing fiasco and the impact on Hackney. People have been turned away from the two walk-in centres in the borough. The Secretary of State undertook to look into the matter. The Government needs to get to grips with this quickly; it’s critical, particularly with a second wave looming.

On Wednesday, a senior group of MPs, questioned the Prime Minister at the Liaison Committee. I challenged him on testing targets, the Government’s plan for the 11 per cent of school children who haven’t yet returned to school, and breaking international law with the Internal Market Bill. See here to view the session.

The plight of many self-employed and freelancers continues to fall on the Government’s deaf ears. I again raised the gaps in support with the Chancellor, and joined colleagues to debate the matter on Thursday. The Government needs to understand the cost to the Exchequer as well as the impact on people’s lives. We continue to press.