This week I've heard from public health officials who are very concerned about rising COVID levels. 

Please think carefully about household mixing during Christmas. Just because we can mix with other households, doesn't mean we should. We all need to work together to protect the NHS and prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed.

Also there are now under two weeks left before the end of the Brexit 'transition period' and there is still no certainty. This is an utter shambles. This past year was supposed to be the period of time in which businesses, consumers, and regulatory agencies had to adapt to the new UK-EU trading relationship. Instead we will receive, at best, a few days’ notice likely resulting in disruption as businesses adapt to any new arrangements.

And the Public Accounts Committee held hearings on COVID procurement and Free School Meals. 

I was astounded that the day before schools broke up for the holidays, the Government was not discussing plans to move to remote learning from the beginning of term in January. The Government has now rushed out further details, but schools have had no time to prepare. This is not good enough. I’ll continuing making the point to ministers and pressing the Government to involve school representatives in these decisions. See here to watch the questioning on this at the beginning of the hearing (10:03:00 – 10:25:30) and see here to watch me return to this issue at the end of the hearing (12:06:04).

Please continue looking out for one another and remember to regularly wash your hands, wear your face covering, and keep your social distance.