The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt MP, promised 30 hours free childcare for every child over the age of nine months. But, the scheme will not be fully rolled out until September 2025 at the earliest. The children who will benefit from this policy aren't even born yet. By also voluntarily reducing the ratios between the number of adults required to look after children, he is going for a 'pile them high, teach them cheap' approach. This won't help reassure parents about going back to work. Clearly there is a long way to go in delivering on this policy. 

The Public Accounts Committee published our report on the driving licence backlog during COVID. Over three million people experienced delays. We've made a number of recommendations so that this won't happen again. See here to read the report in full and see here for a summary. 

I was pleased to visit the Greenhouse GP Surgery this week. The team there won the Excellence in Primary Care and Community Care Award for their Homeless and Vulnerable Person Outreach Service at the NHS Parliamentary Awards. The surgery worked with asylum seekers, homeless people, and others who were vulnerable and would have struggled to access primary care otherwise.