This week I visited St John at Hackney on Sunday to attend its annual carol service by candlelight. It was a wonderful way to usher in the Christmas season. 


The rapid spread of Omicron has meant it's been necessary to introduce new measures against COVID-19. The Prime Minister brought these changes before Parliament and, despite a massive rebellion by his backbench MPs, they were voted through with Labour's support. See here for my speech in the House, outlining why I voted for these measures. They are temporary and necessary. 


The big news today is in North Shropshire where the Conservative Party lost its 23,000 majority and the seat went to the Liberal Democrats. Clearly another blow to the Prime Minister and this Conservative Government.


Omicron is spreading through Hackney and it is vital that we all get vaccinated. Only 17 per cent of us have had our boosters and there is clear evidence that they offer the best protection. Book your first, second or booster dose here and see here to find your nearest walk-in vaccine clinic.


The Public Accounts Committee looked at backlogs in the criminal courts and in the NHS. Waiting times in the NHS for cancer treatment and planned surgeries were a problem before COVID. See here for our 2019 report on this. However, COVID has made things a lot worse. I also took this opportunity to press the Chief Executive of NHS England on the booster roll-out (see here). See here to watch the meeting in full and here for updates on the inquiry.