The Government allocated £37 billion for Test and Trace and yet despite the unimaginable resources thrown at this project, Test and Trace cannot point to a measurable difference to the progress of the pandemic. Taxpayers are not the Government's ATM machine. We need a clear plan and costs better controlled. The Public Accounts Committee will return to our investigation on this in the summer. See here to read our report in full and see here for a summary.
The Public Accounts Committee also continued its work on the Government's plans to tackle the climate emergency with hearings on environmental taxation and electric vehicles. See my round-up for further details and see here to watch the hearing on environmental taxation and here for the hearing on electric vehicles.

And I'm working with Hackney's microbreweries to press the Government on its proposals for a tax change that will disproportionately hit small breweries. The current proposals for Small Breweries Relief could see many breweries forced to close and others reduce their workforce. It is vital the Government thinks again, especially at a time when we need the jobs and, arguably, the beer more than ever.

Please remember that most COVID-19 restrictions remain in place. See here for further details about the current restrictions and see here for the latest COVID-19 data in Hackney.