The Prime Minister that promised integrity, professionalism, and accountability chose to appoint Gavin Williamson, who this week resigned after evidence of his bullying emerged. He also re-appointed the Home Secretary despite her resignation six days previously for leaking sensitive information. It’s clear this government really has come to the end of its days and that we need a change. We need a General Election now.
I held further meetings with Chief Executives of housing associations and residents on the issue of cladding. Despite the Building Safety Act, there are still huge delays in getting this work done – partly as a result of shortages of people and materials to do this work. There is also a lot of legal wrangling that is causing further delays. This is leaving residents in an impossible position. I wish the Government had been listening when I was urging it to ensure the right professionals were being trained to carry out this work. I will continue urging the Government to step up and fix this issue.
And I was pleased to welcome government officials to Homerton this week to look at the issue of dog day care after a debate I held in Parliament a few weeks ago. A big shout out to Edita and Hairy Hounds who has been working with me to help persuade the Government to revise its guidelines so that Hackney dogs can get better access to day care.