Seven per cent of deaths of people over 30 in Hackney can be attributed to particulate air pollution. The Public Accounts Committee held a hearing on this issue and pressed senior officials on what steps the Government will take to address this issue. But it's also a reminder of the urgent need to tackle the climate emergency. Whilst air pollution in general has decreased over decades, the level of nitrogen dioxide is breaching local limits in many areas. See here to watch the hearing in full and look out for our report on this soon.

The cost-of-living crisis is continuing to bite. As I highlighted in Treasury questions in the House of Commons this week, the support announced by the Government is already being wiped out by inflation and further increases in the cost of living (see here). The Minister’s response to these issues was to argue that wealth will trickle down to the poorest. The pandemic proved an economic boon for billionaires, who saw their wealth grow by eye-watering amounts. I am urging the Government to recognise the urgency of the situation and to do more for poor households and those struggling after the cut in Universal Credit.