The Government unveiled its forthcoming legislative agenda this week in a ceremony called the King's Speech. This lays out the laws the Government want to pass in the next session of Parliament, which is likely to be the last one before the next General Election. Unfortunately, this Government has run out of steam, and its plan for the next year is very thin. There are some welcome changes - on renters' rights and leasehold reform - but the proposals aren't enough to satisfy the problems so many renters and leaseholders are facing. 

The Public Accounts Committee, which I chair, has also had a busy week. We questioned Treasury officials on the whole of government accounts - that's the balance sheet of the nation, and a useful resource if you want to know how your tax money is being spent. We also published our report on supported housing, which you can find here (or you can read a summary here). We found that the Government doesn't understand the need for supported housing, and still does not have plans to make sure that there's enough of this housing to support vulnerable people in the future. Please do also look our for our report on support for prison leavers coming out tomorrow.