A number of constituents have contacted me about the high cost of energy for residents of buildings with communal heating systems. Their contracts with energy companies are classed as commercial and so are not subject to the Energy Price Cap, leaving residents with soaring energy prices.

I organised a debate in April to raise this issue in Parliament. See here. Since then, the Government has introduced the Energy Security Bill which will provide Ofgem with powers to ensure fair pricing across all UK-wide heat networks.

However, this does not help residents facing rising prices in the short term. I pressed senior officials at the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy on this issue in a recent session of the Public Accounts Committee, which I chair. See question 53 onwards in the transcript here. I also raised concerns about this recently in Parliament. See here for a transcript of my speech in full.

I also wrote to the Minister and have received a response which you can view by clicking the link below. I will continue to press the Government for better support.