Every year the UK throws away nearly 3 billion nappies a year. 90% end up incinerated or at a landfill, taking more than 300 years to break down.

Going green is easy but I know more can and must be done to support parents.

This is why I welcome the Nappies (Environmental Standards) Bill. This will establish clearly defined environmental standards for nappies and promote reusable nappies. Read more here.

Hackney Council has already taken steps to support parents. Hackney families can now take part in a voucher system as part of the Real Nappies for London scheme.

Find out more at one of the Hackney Real Nappy Network free monthly demo events in Hackney Central Library. Bring along proof of your Hackney residency, ID, pregnancy/birth, and you can also claim £54 worth of real nappy vouchers. More info here.