I’m concerned that parts of Hackney still face issues with slow broadband speeds. I have been working with Openreach and urging it to address this.

In some cases, there are barriers to installing full fibre as a few private building owners are refusing to grant wayleaves (the formal agreement between freeholders and their fibre providers) or are charging high fees for them. I have been pushing for better broadband for Leabank Square residents for some time and I’m pleased that Openreach have now installed full fibre in this area. I will be visiting the site with Openreach soon.

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Are you 18+ and need to receive your first COVID-19 vaccine? 

You can this Saturday at the London Stadium, Olympic Park, Stratford at a mass vaccination event.

This is your chance to receive a first dose of the Pfizer vaccine this weekend. See here for further details and to book.

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I pressed the head of the Environment Agency over the sewage overflows that are discharged into the River Lea. It is happening too often - I'll remain on the case. 

See here to watch my questions on this in full.

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So grateful and excited to have had my second vaccine. Quick and painless and one of the best moments in my life.

If you are in groups 1-9 and have hesitated - do book your appointment. It's not too late. It's safe, quick, and vital with the more transmissible variant now spreading. 

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Homes should be homes – not speculative investment opportunities for finance vehicles or absentee landlords who have no interest in it being a home. 

The Government needs to step up and fix the housing market.

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Thank you Sustainable Hackney for an interesting discussion with lots of expert insight.

I'll keep pressing the Government to spell out the detail behind the path to Net Zero.


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If levelling up means anything, it should not mean levelling down or keeping people in Hackney squeezed into inappropriate and overcrowded accommodation.

See me press the Prime Minister to build more good-quality, properly affordable housing in Hackney and in London. 

See my full speech here.

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