This week I met with representatives from the National Education Union to discuss the chronic underfunding of sixth form colleges.

In Hackney, pupil funding per head has fallen by £704 with sixth form colleges hit even worse.

See me discuss this and more in my new weekly round-up.

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The Government's post-Brexit immigration system needs to reflect the needs of the tech sector. 

I'll be following up with the Home Secretary to make sure Hackney's interests are protected. 

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See my new weekly round-up where I discuss:

-              The Cladding Scandal

-              The Government’s empty promise of more local government funding that doesn’t make up for a decade of cuts

-              How to enter my PMQ ticket ballot for Hackney constituents

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Many Hackney residents are impacted by the Cladding Scandal.


They are now mortgage prisoners, facing life-changing bills and an uncertain future. We must find a solution quickly!


Today, I urged the Government to schedule more time in Parliament to discuss this crisis.

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After 10 years of austerity, Hackney Council’s budget has been cut by nearly half meaning vital services are being squeezed.

The new money promised by this Government doesn’t go far enough to make up for a decade of cuts.

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Would you like to see Prime Minister's Questions live in the chamber of the House of Commons on Wednesday 26 February at midday at Westminster?

If so, please enter the ballot for my ticket allocation, which is now open. If you can attend with a plus one (I have two tickets in total), please enter the ballot by sending your name, postal address (you must be a constituent) and contact information to 

The deadline for entries is Thursday 20 February.

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The Windrush scandal exposed the Home Office’s systemic problems. Too many in Hackney are being let down.


To cope with Windrush and the potential non-Caribbean Commonwealth applications as well as EU citizens major improvements must be made.


I repeatedly challenged the Government to step up its efforts and ensure mistakes aren’t repeated.

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