The Government set out its legislative agenda in the Queen's Speech this week. I spoke in the debate that followed and challenged the Government for, again, failing to fix the long-term issues it keeps avoiding. 

There was next to nothing on social care but plenty of ideas on how to make voting more difficult for the poorest. There was very little on how to fix Hackney’s housing and overcrowding problems and nothing for those young Londoners struggling to afford eye-watering citizenship fees. I also urged the Prime Minister to protect leaseholders facing life-changing cladding costs and I challenged him to act faster and bolder in tackling the climate emergency. See here to watch my speech in full. 

The Public Accounts Committee was also busy this week looking into the future of rail and questioning David Cameron on Greensill. See my round-up for further details. 

Two COVID-19 variants of concern (one first identified in India and the other first identified in South Africa) have been found in parts of Shoreditch and Dalston. If you live or work in these parts and are over the age of 16, please get a COVID-19 PCR test even if you do not have any symptoms.

The affected areas are parts of Shoreditch (around Old Street and Great Eastern Street) and parts of Dalston town centre, (around Dalston Lane and Kingsland High Street). See here for further information.